Fed Up From The Pain?

  • Stop Emotional Pain

    Sometimes it takes one stuck negative feeling (Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, etc.) to cause problems in our lives such as lack of money, troubled relationships, and many more.

  • Cancel Negative Feelings

    We go through strange incidents in our lives without knowing why. In this course, you will learn that the reason is a negative emotion. You will know how to cancel that emotion, which is causing confusion and pain.

  • Stop Physical Pain

    Don't you sometimes question yourself, in spite of trying all the sources needed, that the root of the problem/pain (pain in the neck, knee, lower back, etc.) is still there?

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What Do I Do?

Stop Physical & Emotional Pain


Dr. Hawazen Ajwad AlFassi

Hawazen AlFassi

I am a holder of a PhD in Philosophy of Metaphysical Counseling, a Consultant In Healing, a Certified Trainer Locally and Internationally, a Practitioner in Transformational Energy and Metaphysical Healing, a Yogini, a Founder of Spiritual Yoga, a Poet & Writer, and a Business Woman.